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This website is dedicated to our public wifi network system, which is located in Michigan, and is intended to serve as an alternate backhaul network for wireless phones. It is open to users of ACD.net

Our Philosophy:

We seek to provide wifi coverage to the widest possible area.

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  • Lansing Michigan Properties for Rent

    Information on Houses For Rent:

      1015 & 1017 W Ionia Street, Lansing
    • Becoming Available on December 1st, 2011
    • Large Size: 1040 Square Feet Each Unit
    • Great Deal: $600 for upstairs and $550 for downstairs
    • Each unit has two bedrooms
    • Click here for more information and pictures
      6215 W Lake St, Haslett
    • Becoming Available in about December 15th, 2011
    • Contact 517-999-3868 or George Keck at 517-420-5163
    • 4 Bedroom, One Bath
    • Lake Access to Lake Lansing
    • Large Size: 1400+ Square Feet
    • Full Garage with multiple garage spots
    • Click here for more information and pictures
      325-327 North Butler Street, Lansing

      1410 West Saginaw Street, East Lansing
    • Currently Rented, not available
    • Click here for more information and pictures
    • Licensed for a maximum 2 persons unrelated - this means it is generally not a student rental.

      1611 Herbert Street, Lansing

      813-812 1/2 North Verlinden Street, Lansing

    For Contractors:

    Download the hourly labor form.




    Getting Broadband and Phone Service

    If you are looking for great phone service, broadband service, and bundled service check out ACD.net. They are also starting to build fiber services to buildings too. I work there, and they have good deals on Internet and Phone.  During business hours you can contact Cammile Rivers at 517-999-3201 and she will hook you up!

    I am looking to buy houses

    I am looking to buy more houses, rehab them to historical condition, and fix them up. Please contact me if you have a house that you would like to sell. I will buy cash, land contract, foreclosure, or short sale, and have the flexibility to do what you need to do to get a a deal done. I usually buy houses in the Lansing Metro Area.


    Map of Houses for Rent: